Development Services

My key skills

I am a skilled and experienced software developer and use Microsoft development tools. My core skill set is .Net (ver 1.0 & 2.0) using V.B. and MS. SQL Server.

The diagram gives an indication of my complete skill set.

My Handicap Is

Solution Developer

I also develop complete solutions for clients.

These are typically Visual Basic .Net N-Tier systems that utilise object orientated design. is a golf handicap calculator. You can create a society of your golfing friends, have 'fun only' bets on matches, enter scores, track handicap history and keep in touch with your golfing buddies.

All Cars For Sale .net

AllCarsForSale.Net is a car sales site. An AJAX enabled search tool allows customers to search for cars. Advertisers can pay via PayPal, and a back office management system enables content and adverts to be maintained.